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Of The Wild

Here at Appalachian Revelators, I've been drawn back to a time of old when men and women worked from the land, for sustenance and wage.  Brought about by thinking of summer days catching crawl-dads and box turtles, which pushed into nights catching fireflies, and wondering if that innocence is meant to be lost in adulthood.  Purity may be a better word.  A time when money or notoriety were not chased nor desired.  I took to the mountains, the fields, and the wood, to walk with my Maker and rediscover.  What I found was the wilderness and it's wonders, and a desire to create with my hands.  

In The Journal will be stories of my wanderings, woodworking, spirituality, and hunting and gathering.  In The Shop and Custom Furniture you can find what I create, tables being my favourite. Check out Prints for photos I’ve taken during my travels, which are for purchase by clicking the Print icon.


Peruse the Shop

From unique bowls and cutting boards, to serving trays and decorative pieces.  Stock is constantly changing, so come back and wander through.


Peruse my prints

Take a gander at prints I have for sale from my wanderings through Scotland, Greece, The UK, Mozambique, The Appalachians, and everyday life.


What's with the name?

Appalachian Revelators: Quite a mouthful and at first, seemed undeniably pretentious.  The name came about while I was riding my motorcycle through Spartanburg County, howling the song John the Revelator as I cut through the summer's predawn coolness at 55 mph.  You see, I was born in Wild & Wonderful West Virginia, and I've spent most of my adult life in the Upstate of South Carolina.  I noticed early in life that Jesus would woo me unto the mountain with every life altering decision or weary moment, to walk, rest, and be revived.  As I grew, I realized the struggle, perseverance, and elation experienced in the mountains reveals what I’m made of—not yesterday or tomorrow, but in that specific moment. To climb uneven earth stirrs deep physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Both the orchestra of life awakening and the quiet lend to self reflection. Those mountains, in concert with these moments, are the revelators. The journey to their summits revealing the mettle of men. The descents setting the stage for cunning and wit. Unsettling darkness demanding bravado on early morning hikes. The revelation upon the mountain is that of man, tested and overcoming, delighting in splendor, and fulfilling potential. A revelation that our spirits, tested and true, are of the wild.



I work with the best quality lumber from the hills of South Carolina, where it's milled and kiln dried.  Every custom piece I make comes with a satisfaction guarantee.  My desire is to create what you dream, to the exact specifications you wish, and with the utmost attention to detail.