Custom Furniture


Everything from tables to book cases, stools and kitchen accessories, I can custom build anything for your home, office, or business.  Although, I am biased to kitchen and dinning room tables.  Tables are a space where families daily come together, couples first ignite passion, plans go from dreamt thoughts to infant realities, prayers get prayed, laughter and tears flow, and conversation pours from the heart.  These daily moments swept into bundles are what makeup our memories and thus, our lives.  Everyone has a seat.  Creating such a place, whether it be a feature of the room or a tool for merriment, is a joy.  It's the possibility surrounding them -- the hard conversations, splendid meals, romantic evenings, and watching children grow over the years of sitting at them.  Everyone has one.  We come to them daily.  What we do at them is up to us, hence the possibility of it. 



Every piece is priced differently because every piece is custom made.  For instance, a 5' x 2.5' table made of oak will be priced differently than a 7' x 3' table made of black walnut.  A table of the same dimensions made of pine will be priced differently than one made of cedar.  Hairpin or wooden legs?  Beeswax, oil, or epoxy finish?  Did a tree crash through your roof and you think it'd be hilarious to make said tree into a table?  You guessed it, there are too many variables for one consistent price.  By now you catch my drift.  Contact me for a free quote where we'll discuss all of the details of what you're looking for and nail down a price.  There's a plethora of options.

More Woodworking

Though tables are a delight, bookcases, coffee tables, side tables, decorative pieces, and kitchen accessories are a nitch as well.  Our cutting board is my favourite piece in our kitchen.  There's something about their elegant look and usefulness that speak to my soul. Perhaps that’s why I seek to make my pieces beautiful yet functional, never denying either.  Preferably, I finish all pieces with beeswax or mineral oil in case you want to eat off them, or decide to lick the coffee table, unless another finish is desired.  Some of these pieces you can find in The Shop, but I can whip something special up for you too, all you need is ask.