Kuksa (wooden mug)

Kuksa (wooden mug)


Made on a day I took off and headed to the mountains to fish a trout stream, this Kuksa has been on my mind for some time. In ‘13 I took off for fifty some days to hike the Highland Way and spend some time alone with the Holy Spirit all while bouncing from Scottish bothy to Scottish bothy (old shepherd’s homes). (Those fifty days changed my life.) On that trip, I had a tin mug I used multiple times a day, but I met a Scottish fella who shared his Scotch with me one night. We sipped this 18 year, smooth beauty from a Kuksa he carved. Hence my romance and fascination with them.

My more modern take is 2” high and 3.75” in diameter. These are made to order and will be made from most hard woods, so please customize yours with choosing a wood grain. A Kuksa is made for sipping a stiff drink by the fire or a hot beverage amongst the wood while the fog rises. Yes, a ceramic or metal mug will do, but that’s not why Kuksas are made. They’re made for the romance of being upon the mountain, cold nights by the fire, and a life lived outdoors.

Care: Each Kuksa made will be treated with mineral oils for safe drinking and to prevent cracking. Upon using your Kuksa with coffee or tea, please apply mineral oil the first few times to prevent cracking, and time after time if the wood needs to be rejuvenated. Enjoy!

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