Oak Trestle Table with Walnut Accents

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on an oak trestle table for a lovely couple. They desired a trestle table made of red oak with walnut accents and pegs. My favorite part of the process is drawing out plans, then slowly creating each piece, and completing the build out. It’s fulfilling when the final build is just how my clients and I brainstorm. Being able to take words, or ideas, and make them a reality, into something beautiful yet functional, is exactly why I got into this — making functional art.

The table top is made of red oak with epoxy filling two knots (clear so you can see into them) and a single hand chiseled walnut bow tie. Each table edge is left rough cut for character yet finished and sanded smooth. The trestle base too is made from red oak. Both legs are made of three red oak pieces held together by six walnut pegs and the stretcher beam/center beam is held with a tusk tenon joint. The stretcher beam and tusk tenon joint are complete using hand selected and hand carved walnut. The trestle base was then attached to the table top with twenty walnut pegs, sixteen that are visible. Finally, four leveling bits where fastened to the bottom of the legs.

In the details: you’ll see that every straight edge is rounded. Dimensions: 56” long x 40” wide x 32” tall. The table top is 2” thick. Both trestle legs are 9” wide and 3” deep. The trestle arms are 26” long and 2.5” wide. The table is finished with several coats of bees wax and mineral oil.

Seth GuthrieComment